Explanations in music can be somehow tempting. But most of the time they are of no use, since whole music involves inner places of our nature that are by far deeper than what the logical grasp of men can reach. Some other times explanations are misleading, but in my opinion speaking of dronecore soundscapes would be foolish at all.
  Dronecore music is the artistic and total diving into the reality and physicalness of sound, it is - quoting Christian Wolff (1958) "sound come into its own".
Sound should be let vibrate, and who listens to it should just feel it.
The rest is silence.
Here I just say that my soundscapes have been created only from acoustic sources, that have been only downsampled and equalized and that "la meraviglia di scoprire il vero suono delle cose in esse, ogni volta come la prima volta, non avrà mai fine."